Carpets are still one of the most popular flooring options today, simply because they look lush and elegant. But then, carpets can sustain too much wear and tear that they have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Carpets are easily spoiled by heavy traffic, stains, and dirt. All of these things will eventually lead to damage. When that happens, the only recourse left is to replace your carpet.  

Even so, a lot of homeowners don’t realize the need to maintain their carpets not long after it has been installed in order to prolong its life. Many homeowners wait until their carpet is in terribly bad shape before they call professional Lauderhill carpet cleaners. Doing this is not advisable because you might be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, which means all your investment is put into waste. Your carpet needs regular cleaning to retain its fresh new look, smell, and feel.  

Dirty Carpet Facts  

You have to stay clear of dirty carpets if you value your home, family, and property. If you keep it clean at all times, then you’re actually doing yourself a lot of favor. Here are some facts you have to know about dirty carpets.  

  1. Carpets attract grease and dirt.

There are oily residues from your home even if you don’t think that’s the case. Oils are carried from the outside into your home and from one room to another, especially if you have pets. Oily residues attract even more dirt. When not removed immediately, it will cause damage and discoloration. This is why heavy traffic areas lose their color faster than any other part of the carpet.  

  1. Sand and soil tear the carpet apart.

Sand and soil that come from your shoes get piled up on the carpet. It’s highly possible that this soil will go deep down into the layers of the carpet up to a point that the vacuum cleaners can’t reach it. The only way to remove such dirt is through deep cleaning. It’s good practice to keep your shoes out before stepping into the carpet.  

  1. Carpets can serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. 

Did you know that your carpet can make you ill? In a way, carpets act as filters in your home because it traps air pollutants, bacteria, and fungi, as well as chemicals, tar, cigarette smoke, and other residues. All these things habituate in the carpet and grow in number if not removed right away.  

  1. Carpets can make your allergy, asthma, rhinitis, and eczema worse. 

If your carpet is infested with dust and mites, then that will exacerbate your allergic reaction. This is why you suffer from asthma attacks and other lung disorders. If you have tried all medications and you still can’t make your allergies stop, then it must be the carpet that’s causing your body’s adverse reaction.  

Now that you know why dirty carpets are not an option, you must act now to hire professional carpet cleaners. They can help you make sure that your home is a clean and healthy place to live in at all times.