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    • Let's see those stripes! October 15, 2020
      Post em up!
    • Direct bury wire really necessary? October 15, 2020
      Naive question. If I'm directly burying a wire, is a "direct bury" wire REALLY necessary vs a plastic jacket wire? No sun exposure, 8" down why do I need a "special" wire? Thanks.
    • Solar PVB Heater October 15, 2020
      Id like one. P.S. Are the rumors true that Boots will be getting out soon on temporary probation?
    • $75 for aeration and seeding? What gives? October 15, 2020
      A pretty large established lawn company got someone to post on our neighborhood facebook advertising aeration and seeding for $75! And our lots are around 5000 square feet. How are you supposed to compete with prices like those?
    • Anyone making serious use of any of the bigger CRMs? October 15, 2020
      Using real green it integrates with virtually nothing and is not able to be used well as a marketing CRM. Anyone using hubspot or salesforce for automation, source attribution, marketing ROI, etc.
    • Leaf Removal Pricing/hour October 15, 2020
      Buying a billy goat debris loader this fall with a box on the dump trailer, couple backpack blowers tarps and rakes. I live in a relatively rural area so i will be traveling to multiple counties and hopefully getting multiple cleanups in subdivisions. Im thinking of going straight hourly/man hour for 2 guys with a […]
    • Figuring stop charge per app October 15, 2020
      I currently do a min charge or per 1000 sqft. I’m starting to think a stop charge would help insure I was covering all my cost properly. I want to compare pricing structure. i also need to figure my extra per k price since our avg lawn in 12k and many are acre + so […]
    • Odd patches of brown grass October 15, 2020
      The past few mows, I've started to cut my grass a little shorter than normal. I'm noticing that there is green grass where my garden tractor tires track, and the center areas are brown. I alternate patterns every few mows, so you're seeing both patterns. Any idea what's causing this? It's only in the front […]
    • Rate increase for fertilization clients? October 15, 2020
      I was wondering how you all approach this for your lawn care application. Clients? I haven’t ever increased prices. With that said I have to now. Prices keep going up and I don’t have a choice. So do you send a letter at the beginning of the season? I was thinking this would be the […]
    • Sending Private Messages. October 15, 2020
      Can someone enlighten me on how to PM another member? Thanks